Ka-Ching…With Twang

I define country music as ‘ka-ching…with twang’. It’s a way to make a living, or entertain people, which is rooted in the traditions of the American South, where country music was the term given to ‘hillbilly’ music, itself a marketing term.

Today country music takes many forms, and essays with this title discuss issues both onstage and behind it, local and international, big or grassroots act. Recent essays include:

  • What happens after Morgan Wallen’s chart-topping song Last Night? Read here
  • A review of Ward Thomas’s fifth album Music in the Madness, which you can read here
  • A profile of Jarrod Morris, who fixes horseshoes by day and sings Texan music by night. Read here

If you would like to be interviewed about your music, or if you promote music or are involved with it in any way, send me an email at jonny_brick@yahoo.co.uk.

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