The UK Country Top 40 of 2020

2020 has been devastating for UK artists. No indoor gigs or outdoor festivals like Buckle & Boots and Black Deer, no British Country Music Festival or Long Road in September, no radio sessions or showcases or support slots with US acts and, even though it’s a gig for exposure, no Country2Country 2020.

Nonetheless, recordings have still emerged and every one of these songs has been released in the horrible year we have all had. Many have been played on Country Hits Radio or Chris Country, the big two radio stations, or supported by stations or websites like ARC Radio, Lyric Magazine, Your Life in a Song, Entertainment Focus, Off The Record.

The online UK Country Music Week 2020 unites over 50 artists, many of whom are included in this chart. UK CMW runs from November 30 to December 6.

40 Charlotte Young – Praying For Rain

39 Remember Monday – Version of You

38 Hannah Paris – What The Hell

37 Danny McMahon – My Kinda City

36 Kelsey Bovey – Magnetic

35 Anna Krantz – We Could Be High

34 Laura Evans – Mess of Me

33 Harleymoon Kemp – Space

32 Katy Hurt – Unfinished Business

31 The Wandering Hearts – Over Your Body

30 Foreign Affairs – The Hope Comes Again

29 Shannon Hynes – Country Words

28 Jess Thristan – This Year’s Love

27 Joe Martin – Heartbreak Cult

26 Hannah White – My Father

25 Deeanne Dexeter – 4AM

24 The Rising –2AM Call

23 Jade Helliwell – The Moment

22 Jake Morrell – Taking Our Time

21 Megan O’Neill – Head Under Water

20 Two Ways Home & Joey Clarkson – One More for the Road

19 Holloway Road – About Town

18 Laura Oakes – Welcome to the Family

17 O&O – When It Comes To Love

16 Morganway – My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You

15 Gary Quinn – Tip Of My Tongue

14 Tim Prottey-Jones – Bite The Bullet

13 Robbie Cavanagh – Feeding Time

12 Demi Marriner – Because Of Her

11 Backwoods Creek – Better Days

10 Emma and Jolie – I Don’t Need A Man

9 Essex County – So Good

8 Kezia Gill – Wings

7 Robert Vincent – Conundrum

6 Ferris and Sylvester – I Should Be On A Train

5 The Adelaides – Seven Billion

4 Twinnie – Type of Girl  

3 Yola – I Don’t Wanna Lie

2 Ward Thomas – Someday

1 The Shires – Crazy Days

The playlist can be found here.

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